Friday, 17 June 2011

錢穆圖書館藏品展 - 藝術複製品(元朝)

Exhibition of Ch'ien Mu Library Collection - Art Reproduction (Yuan Dynasty)

Date: June 17 - July 7, 2011



Over the years, the University Library System has acquired very finely reproduced artworks recommended by the Department of Fine Arts. The originals of these works are housed in museums such as National Palace Museum, Taipei, Shanghai Museum, and British Museum. The reproductions are made by specialists such as the Nigensha Publishing Co. Ltd. in Japan. Because a high standard of professional and specialized reproduction skill is required, only experts can distinguish the reproduced item from the original.
The Collection consists of calligraphy and painting produced from the Yuan to the Qing Dynasty. Notes and interpretations are available for most items. This valuable collection is not for circulation but research only. To let more users know about the collection, selective items of Yuan Dynasty will be displayed at the Ch’ien Mu Library from now to July 7, 2011. All are welcome to visit the exhibition during the Library’s opening hours.